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    Greater Vancouver, BC, Canada


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    Greater Vancouver Fishing Industry ...

    This page is an online directory of Greater Vancouver Fishing businesses, services, and related interests located within the Greater Vancouver - Lower Mainland region of British Columbia, Canada.

    See Also: Fishing.

    BC Govt. Fisheries & Aquaculture
    Greater Vancouver Fishing Industry: BC Government Dept. of Fisheries & Aquaculture BC Govt. Fisheries & Aquaculture -
    Providing info and support for commercial fisheries or aquaculture harvesting activities in British Columbia, whether they be the commercial harvest of wild species, or the raising of aquatic species on farms.

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    BC Salmon Farmers Association
    Greater Vancouver Fishing Industry: BC Salmon Farmers Association BC Salmon Farmers Association -
    Campbell River,
    The BC Salmon Farmers Association is committed to maintaining high professional standards within the salmon farming industry. The primary purpose of these standards is to protect the safety and well being of our employees, the natural environment, and our salmon stocks.

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    BC Salmon Marketing Council
    Greater Vancouver Fishing Industry: BC Salmon Marketing Council BC Salmon Marketing Council -
    The BC Salmon Marketing Council is an association formed in 1991 to represent the harvesters and processors of commercially caught BC wild salmon.

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    BC Seafood Alliance
    Greater Vancouver Fishing Industry: BC Seafood Alliance BC Seafood Alliance -
    The BCSA is a non-profit organization established to represent British Columbia's seafood industries. It is an umbrella group that brings together traditional capture fisheries, aquaculturists, seafood processors, marketers and exporters who collectively represent more than 90% of the seafood produced in B.C.

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    BC Tuna Fishermen's Association
    Greater Vancouver Fishing Industry: BC Tuna Fishermen's Association BC Tuna Fishermen's Association -
    Vancouver Island,
    The BC Tuna Fishermen's Association (BCTFA) was established in 2000 to help develop, promote and safeguard the interests of the BC albacore tuna industry and its participants.

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    Coastal Alliance for Aquaculture Reform
    Greater Vancouver Fishing Industry: Coastal Alliance for Aquaculture Reform Coastal Alliance for Aquaculture Reform -
    The Coastal Alliance for Aquaculture Reform's mission is to protect wild salmon, coastal ecosystems, coastal communities and human health from destructive fish farming practices.

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    Fraser Basin Council
    Greater Vancouver Fishing Industry: Fraser Basin Council Fraser Basin Council -
    The Fraser Basin Council (FBC) is a unique organization that is focused on advancing sustainability throughout the entire Fraser River Basin. The long-term vision of the FBC is to ensure that the Fraser Basin is a place where social well-being is supported by a vibrant economy and sustained by a healthy environment.

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    Friends of Wild Salmon
    Greater Vancouver Fishing Industry: Friends of Wild Salmon Friends of Wild Salmon -
    Friends of Wild Salmon is a diverse coalition of commercial fishermen, sport anglers, First Nations and concerned citizens working together to protect the heritage of wild salmon.

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    Georgia Strait Alliance
    Greater Vancouver Fishing Industry: Georgia Strait Alliance Georgia Strait Alliance -
    Nanaimo - Vancouver,
    The Georgia Strait Alliance is committed to a future for our region that includes clean water and air, healthy salmon runs and rich marine life and natural areas. We are a citizens group focused on protecting the marine environment in and around the Strait of Georgia.

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    Living Oceans Society
    Greater Vancouver Fishing Industry: Living Oceans Society Living Oceans Society -
    Living Oceans Society is a non-profit research and public education organization that promotes the need for a healthy ocean and healthy communities on Canada’s Pacific Coast.

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    Marine Harvest
    Greater Vancouver Fishing Industry: Marine Harvest Marine Harvest -
    Campbell River,
    Marine Harvest is one of the world’s leading seafood company's... producing a large portion of the world’s farmed salmon and trout. Marine Harvest Canada has farming and processing activities on the west coast of Canada.

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    Pacific Streamkeepers Federation
    Greater Vancouver Fishing Industry: Pacific Streamkeepers Federation Pacific Streamkeepers Federation -
    North Vancouver,
    The PSkF is a non-profit society committed to supporting community groups involved in Streamkeepers activities throughout BC and the Yukon. The objectives of the PSkF are: Promote local management of aquatic resources, provide an information exchange for streamkeeper and enhancement groups, help co-ordinate streamkeeper and enhancement efforts, lend a larger voice to streamkeeper and enhancement issues, facilitate training for streamkeeper and enhancement groups, help like-minded groups get started, and more.

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    Seymour River Fish Hatchery and Education Centre
    Greater Vancouver Fishing Industry: Seymour River Fish Hatchery and Education Centre Seymour River Fish Hatchery and Education Centre -
    North Vancouver,
    The Seymour River Fish Hatchery is situated in the beautiful Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve in North Vancouver. It plays a vital role in sustaining fish stocks and creating fish habitat which have both been declining since the construction of the Seymour Falls Dam.

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    Steveston Village
    Greater Vancouver Fishing Industry: Steveston Village Steveston Village -
    Steveston - Richmond,
    The historic Village of Steveston has deep roots within the BC commercial fishing industry. The village currently supports a unique blend of waterfront tourism and the fishing & seafood industry.

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    Watershed Watch Salmon Society
    Greater Vancouver Fishing Industry: Watershed Watch Salmon Society Watershed Watch Salmon Society -
    Watershed Watch Salmon Society's mission is to catalyze efforts to protect and restore BC's precious wild salmon. Through scientific expertise, strategic alliances, outreach programs, and innovative projects, Watershed Watch is at the forefront in sounding the alarm on threats to salmon, and in prompting action to help them.

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    Are Fish Farms Killing BC's Wild Salmon Stocks?
    Are Fish Farms Killing BC's Wild Salmon Are Fish Farms Killing BC's Wild Salmon Stocks? -
    Are the open-pen Fish Farms killing BC Wild Salmon stocks? ... it appears that moving the pens on-land is a plan that is long overdue.

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